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We are committed to supplying the highest quality of free range grass fed Beef mostly from Victoria and Tasmania. Our suppliers monitor hormone free beef through declarations from the primary producer and will continue to supply us with the best quality product available to the consumer.

All our beef has been aged for optimal tenderness. We also provide a range of Wagyu & King Island beef depending on availability and quality.

Don’t hesitate to call for any of your beef concerns.
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Most people are well aware that chicken is a very lean (low in fat) meat. In fact, many would regard chicken breast as the benchmark for lean meat. What is less well known is that chicken also is packed with a broad range of vitamins and minerals which makes chicken an ideal nutritional package. Combined with the consistency, affordability, versatility and ease of preparation, chicken is the ideal meat for our customers.

In our free range Australian chicken there are …

• No anti biotic and Genetic modification
• No hormones
• No added chemicals
• No artificial colours
• No preservatives

Our suppliers deliver us the most nutritious chicken possible which has received the best care from the farm to your plate.
We can supply you with a variety of chicken pieces, whole succulent chicken, and Portuguese style, free range and organic is available.
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We have been serving the finest lamb for thirty years. Our lamb is free range mostly from the Murrumbidgee and Junee depending on area conditions and seasons.

Junee “Gold” lamb guarantees first class flavour and tenderness. We can supply any lamb you wish and cut it to your requirement.
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Rochester Street Quality Meats are committed to providing you with the best pork available. That’s why we choose the Rivalea Company.

Rivalea has an extensive network of company owned and contract farms across southern NSW and central Victoria producing pork for Australian and international markets. Rivalea has full ownership of all animals in their system ensuring optimum breeding and rearing conditions and practices.

We hand select only the very best quality pork for our customers. It will always be fresh, tender and full of flavour. It’s perfect for family meals, special occasions and barbecues.
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We supply a great selection of condiments that is always changing to suit the season.

Big Ricks
Aurelia’s pasta’s and sauces.

We also stock a arrange of award winning olive oils. Try our new triple infused chill olive oil, its hot! As well as sea salts, balsamic vinegar and organic seasonings.
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